Non-HTML Content

Non-HTML content, such as PowerPoint or PDF files, must comply with the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA) when published on the Web.

For those using Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, a free tool called the Accessible Publishing Wizard is available for those on the UIC campus (students, faculty, and staff) that helps convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats to an accessible HTML format. Currently only Office 2003, Office XP, and Office 2000 are supported using this utility. To download the free software log in to the ACCC software Webstore at Site-Licensed Software (E-Sales) where you can find the Accessible Publishing Wizard on the top of the list of available software programs.

The UIC News Bureau requires that if Campus Announcements via Email contain links to PDF files, the PDF must be created in an accessible manner and be noted as an accessible PDF File. One can do this by putting “accessible PDF” and the file size by the link to the site. An example of this would be: (accessible PDF, 30 kb). Including the phrase “accessible PDF” allows the user with a disability to know that the PDF file was created with accessibility in mind.

Resources for making non-HTML content more accessible: